Decoding BPMN Events: Escalation vs. Error - Navigating Process Disruptions

Dive into the intricate world of BPMN where understanding the nuanced roles of Escalation and Error events becomes essential in steering clear of process pitfalls. This post unpacks their distinct functions, impacts, and communications, providing professionals with strategic insights to optimize workflow management. Explore real-world applications and best practices to leverage these events, enhancing your operational efficiency and crisis response.


10/23/20231 min read

In #BPMN, when it comes to handling unexpected situations in your processes, two saviors in these scenarios are Escalation and Error events. At first glance, they might seem similar, but understanding their distinct roles is key to utilizing them effectively!

🚨 Escalation Event: Great for non-critical issues that demand oversight. Think of this as a 'soft alert.' It doesn’t imply a complete breakdown but signifies a situation that requires attention or a different approach. It’s about communication rather than abrupt interruption. The process doesn't stop and it escalates to a different level or responsibility, ensuring fluidity and adaptability. While

🔴 Error Event: This is the 'hard stop' alert. When a process encounters an error event, it means there’s a significant problem that cannot simply be escalated but must be addressed immediately. It’s an error that’s serious enough to halt or redirect the workflow, demanding immediate intervention.


1. Impact: Escalation keeps the process moving, possibly along an alternative path while Error events can stop it dead in its tracks for critical attention.

2. Usage: Escalation is used for situations manageable within predefined parameters && Error is for when things go outside of the acceptable bounds.

3. Communication: Escalations inform relevant parties within the process while Errors might necessitate external intervention or a significant internal response.

Understanding these nuances ensures we don't just react to the unexpected but respond with informed, effective strategies, safeguarding both efficiency and quality of outcomes.

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