I'm Ayoub, a seasoned Software Engineer and Process Automation Developer, passionate about AI, No-Code, and SaaS solutions. I love working on turning interesting ideas into reality, using current technology to guide businesses through their digital transformation journey.


About ✨

In the tech realm, versatility is key. I've evolved through roles that shaped my expertise: from coding to product development, and team coordination.

What drives me? A fervent interest in creating products that resonate and simplify life.

My approach is straightforward: understand the core, innovate with purpose, and always keep the user in mind.

Projects I've Spearheaded 🚀

Integrating Payment Solution at Attijariwafa Bank

As part of a pioneering team, I contributed significantly to the integration of the RippleNet payment solution within Attijariwafa Bank's ledger system. This high-impact project marked Attijariwafa Bank as the first bank in Morocco and one of the very first in Africa to handle instant worldwide payments and crypto transactions.

The goal was to ensure seamless and instant financial transactions on a global scale, significantly improving the bank's payment system and customer satisfaction. By integrating RippleNet, we enabled the bank to connect and transact with Ripple's growing global network of partners and customers - introducing faster, lower-cost payments to and from Morocco.

Orchestrator - A No-Code Workflow Modelling Tool

the Orchestrator - a user-friendly, No-code tool designed for seamless workflow modelling. Using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users could effortlessly create custom workflows in line with the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard, integrating client marketplace products (APIs) as needed.

The Orchestrator was designed to empower users by providing them full control over their workflows - from creation and management, to execution, monitoring, and real-time exception handling. It provided a platform for non-technical users to automate complex business processes without writing a single line of code, significantly increasing operational efficiency and reducing the need for extensive technical support.

This project solidified my expertise in no-code solution development and gave me invaluable experience in simplifying complex processes for better user accessibility and productivity.

Vereview - A SaaS Platform for Trustworthy Review Management

As a critical member of the development team, I worked on Vereview - a SaaS platform designed to bridge the gap between businesses and end-users through reliable reviews. The platform catered to two kinds of users: business users (brand and company owners) and end users (consumers).

For business users, Vereview provided an efficient platform to manage and respond to reviews received. One of the standout features of this project was the implementation of a sophisticated filtering algorithm designed to remove fake reviews, ensuring that businesses receive genuine feedback and that end users get a true picture of the company's reputation.

End users, on the other hand, could use Vereview to check the reliability of a company before making a purchasing decision and to share their own experiences.

In addition, Vereview offered business users the capability to embed company ratings on their own websites using custom snapshots, further enhancing their online presence and reputation.